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Original Watercolor Paintings

Lovers Whisper

This is a path way in the woods of Lunenburg, behind my house.  I painted the path way in the woods as is and added the people afterwards.  I've walked the path way before.  This painting is full sheet, 22"x30".

Isabella's Calla Lillie's

These are from the Atrium at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum in Boston, Massachusetts.  The flowers in the atrium are changes on a weekly basis as the seasons change.  These Callas were seen at the end of April, that puts them there 2 months early.   22"x30".

Spatter Birch Trees

The birch trees are painted the standard way and the background is entirely spattered.  This painting is a full sheet, 22"x30".

Snowy Hillside

This is a watercolor of a hillside that you can find anywhere in New England.  This painting was done on a full sheet of paper, 22"x30".


This plant was purchased by my wife as a gift for someone and I painted it for me.  This painting can make a nice gift for someone.  The painting is a full sheet, 22"x30".  The plant is gift wrapped already.


While I was painting this, a fruit fly was flying and landing on the white paper so I had to wait till he landed on the fruit before I could hit him with the swatter to avoid staining the paper. He was taped to the back of the paper but eventually fell off22"x30"

The Hasty Snow Painting

In a fit of creative attitude, this is what showed up on my paper.  22"x30"

Waterfall in New Hampshire

This was painted from a photograph from my daughter, Jean.  Her and her husband hunted out waterfalls, she would photo and she would fish, a perfect combination.  That is why they are still together and still happy.  15"x22"

Bridge on Rt 225

Rt 225 bridge in Lunenburg, MA. Can only be seen during winter months.  15"x22"

Bobby's photo Utah

I asked my son to take lots of pictures while skiing in Utah since I don't think I'll get there myself and this is what he brought back.  15"x22"

Squannacook Waterfall

Fishing for trout and not catching any, I painted this beautiful waterfall instead.  15"x22"

Cap Cod Snow Fence

Done from a picture on Cape Cod, Truro MA.  15"x22"

Lobster Cove

Painting done on Booth Bay at a Carlton Plummer work shop.  Booth Bay, ME.  15"x22"

Grape Arbor

Didn't have the arbor, didn't have the grapes, but sure can paint.  15"x22"

Rockport at Motif #1

There are always fishing boats and people working up there in Rockport, MA.  If no one is there just wait a while, a subject will show up and here's mine.  15"x22"

Sunset at Little Bustin's Island

I painted this on the dock to Bustin's Island.  This is where the commuter boat drops you off, 3 miles off Freeport where, L.L. Bean is.  15"x22"

Green Island Booth Bay, Maine

This is painted at a Carlton Plummer workshop.  15"x22"

Library Demo Birch Trees

During the class at the Lunenburg Ritter Memorial Library, we do one painting in 2 sessions and this type of painting for the third session.  The students are amazed that they can make it look so nice, as beginners.  11"x15"

Treasure Island Booth Bay, ME

Actually not an island at all.  It is the first place Carlton Plummer takes you in his workshop.  Usually there are people all over the place, but most artists paint it while no one is there, including me.  15"x22"

Maine  Memories

This was painted in my studio, where I was remembering my summers in Maine.  These coastal fishermen are getting up at the first morning's light and preparing to go to work.  The pink stuff is the color of morning.  At night time it would be orange.  15"x22" 

Richardson's Dock

This is Richardson's Dock in Bustin's Island, Maine.  Outside of Freeport, on a foggy morning on the day we were going home.  No sooner did I get it done than we had to leave.  It was fun to do.  15"x22" 

Carlton's Back Yard

I painted this with my friend Ray.  We both painted this scene.  It was an almost-raining day, and we didn't want to go too far away.  So we stayed close to Carlton Plummer's studio. 15"x22" 

Snowy Hillside

This is a studio painting, a generic hillside in New England.  It could be any where, even in your yard.  22"x30" 

Thru the trees

This was painted in Cowdry Conservation area in Lunenburg, MA on Rt 2A.  This was done at sundown and coming thru the trees.  22"x30" 

Still Life Orange, Pear & Strawberry

This is at the Thayer Symphony office space in Leominster, MA. in the Wood Block Building, you can see it there and some other things too.  22"x30"


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